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The Commission on the Status of Women Advisory Board and the Faith and Community Based Organization Board want your feedback to learn how the City of Doral can best support the community and meet the resident’s needs. Please fill out brief surveys to let us know how we can help!

La Junta Asesora de la Comisión sobre la Condición Jurídica y Social de la Mujer y la Junta de organizaciones religiosas y comunitarias quieren sus comentarios para saber cómo la Ciudad de Doral puede apoyar mejor a la comunidad y satisfacer las necesidades de los residentes. ¡Complete encuestas breves para hacernos saber cómo podemos ayudar!

 Commission on the Status of Women Survey

 Faith and Community Based Organization Survey

Advisory Board Application

If you are interested in applying to be considered for an advisory board member position, you may do so by following the instructions below.

 Advisory Board Application

Application Submittal Instructions

This application is to be submitted along with your resume to the Office of the City Clerk via email to, by mail, or in person to the Office of the City Clerk located at 8401 NW 53 Terrace Doral, FL 33166.

Thank you for your interest in serving on an advisory board. This service is essential to the City’s commitment to developing policies and services that reflects the needs of the community. You will be contacted prior to being appointed to a board.

For further questions, please call (305) 593-6730.

Animal Welfare Committee

to advise the City Council as to policies and procedures that further the humane treatment and population control of animals in the City; to evaluate and opine, upon request by the City Council, on the development and implementation of programs in the City aimed at controlling the animal population; and to conduct educational outreach to the community and encourage the participation of citizens, residents, and businesses regarding animal treatment and population control policies, programs, and procedures.

Citizens Audit Advisory Board

to assist the City Council in carrying out its oversight responsibilities as they relate to the City's financial and other reporting practices, internal control, compliance with laws and regulations, independent audit process, and special audit needs, by reviewing and opining on the City’s audit report for the preceding year; to advise the City Council as to whether controls are in place and operating to ensure that financial information reported by management reasonably portrays the City's financial condition, results of operations, and plans and long-term commitments, that resources are utilized in an efficient and economical manner and that programs are carried out as planned by reviewing the results of internal and external audits, that the city is in compliance with pertinent laws and regulations, is conducting its affairs ethically, and is maintaining effective controls against conflicts of interest and fraud, and that the audit process is independent; and to provide other oversight duties as may be assigned by the city council.

Commission on the Status of Women

to support continuing efforts for economic, political, and social equality of opportunity for all women, with special emphasis on the needs of women in the City; to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council, the city administration, the community and all agencies and persons in the city in respect to all matters pertaining to the status of women, including but not limited to discrimination against women, greater representation for women in all areas of city government, i.e., boards and committees, employment of women, education of women and attitudes towards women in the community, and to make periodic reports and recommendations to these bodies in respect to such matters; to, upon request by the City Council, conduct studies into problems of discrimination against women employees, increasing the availability of part time employment for women, and attributable changes towards women in the community, and to formulate and recommend plans and programs for the coordination of the activities of all governmental entities and nongovernmental agencies dealing with these problems.

Cultural Affairs Advisory Board

to advise the City Council with regard to interest in and promotion of the arts and tourism, to develop local cultural resources; to assist the City, as requested by the City Council, in the planning and implementation of community cultural involvement; and to advise the City Council on matters concerning the cultural activities or programs desired by the citizens of the area.

Economic Development Advisory Board

to advise the City Council as to domestic and international commercial development opportunities, relationships, and other economic situations that may benefit the City; to assist in the development of policies, programs, and event concepts designed to attract new businesses and to facilitate the expansion/retention of existing businesses that create qualify jobs; to assist in the establishment and maintenance of ties with domestic and international public and private entities; and to serve in an advisory capacity on matters pertaining to domestic and international business affairs.

Environmental Advisory Board

to advise the City Council regarding environmental and conversation elements of the comprehensive plan;   to study and make recommendations to the City Council with regard to public health concerns resulting from environmental pollution, the reclamation and restoration of degraded properties, and green initiatives that make practical and financial sense; to provide advice, upon request, to the City Council on the environmental impact of proposed developments that contain environmentally sensitive lands, protected animals, and/or wetlands, including public works within the City’s jurisdiction; to provide advice, upon request, to the City Council on proposed amendments to the to the comprehensive plan or elements or portions thereof, proposed amendments to zoning district regulations, and other related matters; to advise and share information and resources with the City’s Council and the administration regarding green initiatives and related topics; to develop strategies for sustainable green initiatives in municipal operations; and to study and advice the City Council regarding energy and water conservation.

Faith and Community Based Organizations Advisory Board

to advice the City Council on policies, priorities, and objectives that may assist faith and community based organizations in encouraging private charitable giving to support community needs, in bringing concerns, ideas, and policy options to the City Council that support successful community charities and religious sponsored charities, in showcasing and publicizing innovative grassroots efforts to support faith and community based charities and civic initiatives, and in working to ensure that the efforts of faith based and community based organizations that seek City assistance are meeting objective criteria for performance and accountability.

Military Advisory Board

to assist the City Council in developing and continuing the City’s relationship with the United States military and its members residing in and around the City by studying varying methods to assist both past and current members of the United States Armed Forces, as well as the United States military generally, reviewing and advising on policies and initiatives involving the military and veterans, reporting to the City Council on programs and events to that end and recommendations on how to improve same, and performing those tasks that may be assigned by the City Council from time to time.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

to provide advice to the City Council as to the parks and recreation needs of the City, including, but not limited to, making recommendations on the development and implementation of a master plan for parks and recreation facilities in the city; to review and advise on policies and matters of concerns pertaining to all recreation facilities; to provide advice on matters pertaining to current and proposed recreation programs for all residents of the city; to recommend program concepts encouraging healthy, moral, physical and mental development for residents of all ages of the city; to review, upon request, existing and proposed City ordinances which affect parks and recreation, and advise the City Council regarding the need for modifications or changes to such ordinances; and to advise the City Council regarding parks and recreation elements of the comprehensive plan.

Police and Traffic Advisory Board

to discuss and make recommendations to the City Council regarding contemporary issues relating to the police department and actual or perceived security needs in the community; to advise, upon request of the City Council, on proposed or current police department policies and procedures; to assist the City Council in developing a strategy for the improvement and control of traffic on the City's streets; to work with City staff to assess and identify current and future traffic needs in the City; to review and make recommendations concerning the construction, development and purchase of police facilities and equipment; to assist in educating the community at large concerning the function and role of the police department; to solicit input and commentary from residents of the City as well as from experts in the traffic engineering field; to study varying methods for the relief of traffic in the City; and to report to the City Council regarding the safety and traffic conditions throughout the City and recommendations on how to improve those conditions.

Smart City Advisory Board

To advise the city council on existing and proposed Smart City programs and projects; and to assist the city council and city staff on the evaluation and selection of an expansive array of new and rapidly changing technology solutions.

Special Needs Advisory Board

to hold public meetings in order to solicit public input regarding special needs services and programs; to serve as a liaison between the City and the special needs community; to encourage individuals and community groups to assist the City in the implementation of programs and services catering to the special needs community; to advise the City Council on any actual or perceived community needs involving individuals with special needs; and to provide any other duties the City Council may request, from time to time.

Youth Advisory Board

to advise the City Council as to youth activities and concerns, including, but not limited to, current or potential educational programs, service projects, community outings, recreational events, and social events; to assist the City Council and City staff in designing and implementing signature service-learning initiatives to address issues important to the Doral community as well as allow young people opportunities to make a difference in the Doral community; to identify and propose the creation of seminars and similar educational programs for young people in the City; and to identify and propose the creation of service projects, community outings and social events and programs for young people in the city.

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