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Miami-Dade Limestone Products Association

General Information:

  • Limestone aggregate is mined in nearby quarries and explosive charges and blasting agents are often used during this activity.
  • These quarries are located outside of the City of Doral in unincorporated Miami-Dade County.
  • Daily blasting records are kept by each of the quarries and an independent recognized seismologist or vibration engineer records vibration readings. Typically, they place these seismographs throughout the City of Doral.
  • Jurisdiction and regulation over blasting activities rests with the State of Florida Department of Financial Services Office of the State Fire Marshal and Miami Dade County, and not the City of Doral.
In April 2021, the State Fire Marshal created a website to promote transparency and accountability with respect to enforcement actions against construction materials mining activity that does not comply with Florida law. This website allows you to submit complaints regarding non-compliant construction materials mining activity, and view the status of complaints submitted to the Division of State Fire Marshal regarding construction materials mining activity occurring in Miami-Dade County.

Visit the State Fire Marshal’s website to
 File a Complaint .

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