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Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

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Following the principles set forth by Presidential Policy Directive 8 (PPD-8) of 2011, and the National Preparedness Goal (2011, 2015), the City of Doral understands the importance of local preparedness and the objective to achieve “a secure and resilient Nation with the capabilities required across the whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk.” These risks1 include events such as natural disasters, disease pandemics, chemical spills and other manmade hazards, terrorist attacks and cyber-attacks.2

As PPD-8 also reminds us, our national preparedness is the shared responsibility of all levels of government, the private and nonprofit sectors, and individuals.3 This plan is intended to facilitate multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional coordination during emergency operations, particularly between the City of Doral, Miami-Dade County, other local governments and state agencies. Emphasis is placed on representing and engaging the whole community—to include those with access and functional needs, those with limited English skills, the elderly, children, and those with household pets and service animals (Florida Statute 252.35, 252.38, 252.40).4

Residents and all sectors of the community have a critical role and shared responsibility to take appropriate actions to protect themselves, their families and organizations, and their properties. Planning that engages and includes the whole community serves as the focal point for building a collaborative and resilient community5 while reducing its vulnerabilities. Legally constituted municipalities are authorized and encouraged to create municipal emergency management programs (FS 252.38 (2)). These programs shall coordinate their activities with those of the county emergency management agency. It is the intent of the City of Doral to promote the National Preparedness Goal and its five mission areas of prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery capabilities through enhanced coordination, long-term planning, and adequate funding (FS 252.311 (3)).

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Hurricane Season

It only takes one storm to change your life and community. Tropical cyclones are among nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena. If you live in an area prone to tropical cyclones, you need to be prepared. Even areas well away from the coastline can be threatened by dangerous flooding, destructive winds and tornadoes from these storms. The  National Hurricane Center and the  Atlantic Operations Hurricane Center issue watches, warnings, forecasts, and analyses of hazardous tropical weather.

“Prepare for a potential land-falling tropical storm or hurricane.  Make an emergency plan. Visit for great tips on how to prepare. 

Need to know what to do if our area is threaten by a Hurricane? will provide you with step by step actions to take before a Hurricane. Don’t wait until the last minute. Prepare now!” Para información en español visite:


Seniors Information


The American Red Cross recommends that senior citizens create a personal support network made up of several individuals who will check in on you in an emergency, to ensure your wellness and to give assistance if needed. This network can consist of friends, roommates, family members, relatives, personal attendants, co-workers and neighbors. Ideally, a minimum of three people can be identified at each location where you regularly spend time, for example at work, home, school or volunteer site.

Be prepared seniors. Find out more, follow link below.

Parents Information


Hurricanes – and their aftermath – can be especially scary for little kids. Did you know there are simple things you can do to reduce the toll a hurricane can take on your family? Here are top hurricane survival tips from Save the Children’s emergency experts on how you can protect your children from distress during and after disasters.

Be prepared parents. Find out more, follow link below.

Pets Checklist


When preparing for emergencies, don’t forget your pets! Here is a checklist you can download to make sure your pets are ready today!
 Pet Preparedness Checklist

Be prepared pet owners. Find out more, follow link below.
 Pets and Animals

Are you Ready?

Emergency Operations Room
Doral Emergency Operations Center

We want our residents to take a moment and think about the “what ifs?” Doral are you ready for a hurricane, a mandatory evacuation or the out break of the flu? We need you to think about these possibilities. As your police department, we have been on the front line of providing you with the best information possible, so that you can prepare a plan for your family and stay informed about what we are doing to help you.

Doral Are You Ready?

Emergency KitPreparing for potential emergencies starts at the individual level. And, while your State, County and City will be responding to basic community needs in the aftermath of an emergency, available resources and the time when those resources will become available will vary depending on the severity of the emergency. The first 72 hours after an emergency is the most critical period. Basic infrastructure, communications and transportation systems may be challenged, inoperable or inaccessible and the steady flow of supplies such as gas, ice, water, medicine and food may not be readily available.
 72 Hour Help Us Help You - English Handout
 72 Hour Help Us Help You - Spanish Handout

Doral, FL – June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season and the City of Doral reminds its residents and businesses that the time to prepare is now! The City of Doral is part of the storm surge area and the City wants to make sure the community is prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.Take a moment to review your family and business’s plan and hurricane supplies. With public safety as the City of Doral’s utmost priority, all City departments continue to work diligently to provide the support you need to keep you, your family and your business safe during a state of emergency

Pre-Storm Activities for Residents and Businesses

  • Be sure to bring all front yard and backyard decorations, signs, and furniture indoors to avoid the possibility of flying projectiles.
  • Ensure that hurricane shutters are in good working order and are being maintained regularly. If your home has hurricane panels, make sure all required hardware and materials are easily available and accessible.
  • Flooding can be a major concern during a storm, so ensure that all private storm drains are serviced and cleaned out to assist in alleviating standing water in roads and parking lots. 
  • Trim your trees weeks, even a couple of months, before the start of hurricane season to avoid having dead branches and pruned landscaping from becoming dangerous objects during a windstorm. Proper disposal of these items are critical to avoid property damage in a storm.
  • For business owners in the City, all outdoor seating and tables, along with loose signs, should be brought indoors. All heavier outside storage materials should be properly secured, as well. City Inspectors will be patrolling the city for construction sites and handling out flyers informing to secure loose construction materials.
  • City Building Department will be available to assist customers with any hurricane permitting and inspection inquiries. under the Building tab.

Post-Storm Activities for Residents and Businesses

  • In the event that your property is damaged during a storm, be aware of unlicensed contractors. Make sure to verify that all potential contractors working on your home are properly licensed, insured, and qualified by the State of Florida, and that all appropriate building permits are obtained.
  • The City of Doral has contractors on standby ready to assist with clean-up and debris removal on City public roads. This will allow first responders to have unimpeded access in case of emergencies. In a continued effort to protect residents and business owners, the Code Compliance Department will be aggressively investigating all reports of illegal contracting work performed in the City.

If you have yet to develop a plan utilize the Emergency Preparedness Guide For more information on the 2015 hurricane season, storm surge zones, evacuation centers, cleaning before the storm and other hurricane tips please refer to Miami Dade County Office of Emergency Management by clicking here:

Download ►  Consejos y Recursos de la Ciudad de Doral Comunicado de Prensa

Additional Resources:

Flood preparation:

Hurricane preparation:

Hurricane preparation:

Weather Rumor Control Hotlines:
  • Miami-Dade Answer Center/Rumor Control Hotline: 311; TTY: (305) 468-5402
  • Haitian Support, Inc: (800) 443-2951 (provides general human services assistance, community information and disaster information in Creole)
  • State of Florida Emergency Information Line (800) 342-3557; TTY: (800) 226 4329
Additional Contacts:
  • Florida Department of Insurance 800-342-2782*
  • FL Division of Emergency Management 850-413-9900
  • FL Fish & Wildlife Commission 561-625-5122
  • Florida Relay Service 800-955-8770*
  • South FL Water Management District 800-544-2323*
  • US GOVERNMENT FEMA 800-621-3362*
  • National Flood Insurance Program 800-638-6620*
  • Answer Center (Rumor Control) 305-468-5900
  • Cooperative Extension 305-248-3311
  • Humane Society of Miami 305-696-0800
  • Hurricane Hotline 311
  • Miami-Dade Animal Services 305-884-1101
  • Miami-Dade Emergency Management 305-468-5400
  • Special Transportation Services (STS) 305-263-5406
  • Doral City Hall 305-593-6725
  • Doral Police Department 305-593-6699
  • Doral City Manager 305-593-6690
  • ATT 888-757-6500*
  • ATT (on cell phones) 611
  • Comcast 800-266-2278* 1-800-COMCAST
  • FPL 1-800-OUTAGE 800-468-8243*
  • FPL (General Information) 305-442-8770
  • National Hurricane Center
  • SPeoples Gas/TECO 877-832-6747*
  • Salvation Army 305-637-6700
  • The Weather Channel

Active Shooter Event

  1. How to respond when an active shooter is in your vicinity.
  2. How to respond when law enforcement arrives on the scene.
  3. Recognizing signs of potential workplace violence.
DOWNLOAD our  informational active shooter brochure, we address the above statements.

Florida HealthZika Virus Information

Zika Virus
Zika Virus Information Hotline Now Available 24/7.
Call 855-622-6735

 Action Plan - Zika Virus
Prevention, Preparedness, Operations and Outreach

Our current mitigation focus is on mosquitoes and we need your help to get the information out to everyone in our community. Mosquito season is here and we need everyone to help eliminate or treat the standing water. The Aedes aegypti mosquito likes to breed in small containers so this is a particularly daunting task. The biggest concern is for containers or areas where water may pool for about five days. This allows for the eggs to cycle to becoming adult mosquitos. Eggs can also remain on the sides of containers and then when they come in contact with water can then start the development process.

Not all mosquitoes are the same. Different mosqutoes spread different viruses and bite at different times of the day. Some mosquito species bite during the day, such as those mosquitoes that can spread chikungunya, dengue, and Zika viruses. Other species of mosquitoes bite most often at dawn and dusk, including those that can transmit West Nile virus.

I am attaching information sheets on the products that can be used in standing water if it cannot be tipped out. You can get the BTI dunks from local hardware stores or online. These can last up to 30 days. See the sheets for guidance on amounts. Granular forms of BTI can also be used and if you can’t find that you can always break up the dunks.

 Mosquito Dunks Information  Natular Larvicide Fact Sheet

There is a plethora of information also available in a Google Drive site we created to share information with our partners, including official messaging from the Department of Health and Solid Waste Management, websites, videos and a mosquito abatement training we held here on Monday. The power point presentations are in there along with handouts and the video from that session will be  posted soon.


The Department of Solid Waste Management has updated their website with information about the Zika Action Plan and the aerial sprayings. It is important for people to understand that the current aerial spraying are only occurring in the Wynwood area. The dates and times are now posted on the DSWM site below. Their site also has information on the products that are being used in the aerial spraying.
Check out the new chart and associated links posted on our Mosquito Control page:

 Aerial Spraying Chart

Mosquito Bite Protection / Prevención de Picaduras de Mosquitos
 Mosquito Bite Protection - English
 Mosquito Bite Protection - Spanish

Drain & Cover / Drene y Cubra
 Drain and Cover Flyer - English
 Drain and Cover Flyer - Spanish

Pregnant? Read this before you travel / ¿Está embarazada? Lea esto antes de viajar
 Pregnant and Traveling Information - English
 Pregnant and Traveling Information - Spanish

Doctor’s Visit Checklists
 For Pregnant Women Who Traveled to an Area with Zika

Mosquito Bite Protection for Overseas Travelers / Prevención de Picaduras de Mosquitos para Viajeros Internacionales
 Protection for Overseas Travel - English
 Protection for Overseas Travel - Spanish

Map of Zika affected countries
 Centers for Disease Control and Zika Virus

For daily updates from the Florida Department of Health on the Zika virus, please visit:
 Florida Department of Health Website

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